Vouchers from €900 to €18,000 have been issued


Facade Program: Renovation of a building facade with a subsidy of up to 100%

The Façade project is a collaboration between the Municipality of Athens and the Technical Chamber of Greece mainly the maintenance, restoration and, in general, the aesthetic upgrading of the facades of private buildings in Athens. The ultimate goal of the Façade program is to highlight the building wealth of Athens.

Beneficiaries are all owners of private buildings (detached houses, apartment buildings and listed buildings), provided that the properties are located within the Municipality of Athens.

The subsidy that the beneficiaries will receive amounts to 100%, with the maximum amount of expenditure set at €6,000. An additional 35% subsidy is given to preserved buildings, increasing the amount of the maximum expenditure to €7,200.

It is also worth noting that the fee of the engineer-consultant who will undertake the project is also subsidized by the program in the amount of €400. It is noted that the engineer-consultant to be selected can be either from the Register of Building Inspectors or a private individual.

What expenses are covered

The costs covered by the subsidy concern the entire range of maintenance, improvement and aesthetic upgrading of the exterior of a building. Indicative expenses are covered for:

  • roof repair, painting and building exterior maintenance
  • repair and painting of exterior frames
  • repair of plasters, coatings, etc. and marble maintenance
  • planting trees and shrubs
  • moving air conditioners and satellite dishes
  • removal of illegal billboards etc.

Get detailed information on all the expenses covered by the program and see if you are among the beneficiaries, in the safe way of NotiFund. NotiFund is made up of a specialized group of consultants in matters of financial programs that monitors the most key sectors of the Government for business activity.

According to the official announcement, the Façade program will remain open until the total budget is exhausted. Contact us today to submit your application.



Program Façade

Facade Program: Renovation of a building facade with a subsidy of up to 100%

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