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Tourism businesses: Which ones are subsidized and what applies to Airbnbs?

Airbnb subsidy

In recent years, there has been a strong interest in many tourist areas of our country for the creation of tourist units (rooms for rent, hotels, etc.). 

This is an activity that is periodically subsidized by various financial programs, such as the NSRF, as it aims at the wider upgrading and economic development of the areas defined in each program.

The subsidies that can be received by a newly established, new or existing tourism business may concern the whole range of its expenses, with the guide of each program specifying precisely the eligible expenses. 

Let's answer some key questions regarding subsidies in the tourist accommodation industry.

Which tourism businesses are subsidized?


      1. Is it possible to join financial programs for tourist accommodation businesses (rental rooms / hotels) with seasonal activity?

    Yes. There is no express regulation that excludes seasonal businesses from any funding program so far. Both existing and new seasonal businesses are potentially eligible.


        1. Are tourist accommodation businesses subsidized within Attica?

      Again, there is no express regulation that excludes the financing of businesses with tourist accommodation within Attica, therefore they are potentially eligible. The guide for each program specifies which region(s) are eligible.


          1. Are Airbnb rooms eligible for subsidies?

        With today's data, a tourist accommodation can be subsidized if it has an EOT (Hellenic Tourism Organization) mark and has started an active KAD (Activity Code Number), which accurately reflects the company's activity. 

        If you want to know about the new NSRF budget 2021-2027 and the regions expected to be allocated, see our article on the NotiFund Blog NSRF 2021-2027.

        Airbnb subsidy

        Airbnb subsidy

        Tourism businesses: Which ones are subsidized and what applies to Airbnbs?

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