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Action 3 – Digital Transformation of Leading SMEs: Business subsidy from €200,001 up to €1,200,000

The actions of the SME Digital Transformation package have been published, which are going to finance hundreds of small and medium-sized enterprises to upgrade their digital tools.

The third action, Leading SME Digital Transformation, focuses on the integration of cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated digital systems with a subsidized budget from €200,001 to €1,200,000.

Eligible action costs:

  • Equipment: systems for remote operation of facilities, robotic systems, systems for upgrading internal data transfer networks, etc.
  • Software: applications of increased intelligence of administrative and financial planning, digital security, customer and supply chain management, data analysis, etc.
  • Services: related to the digital upgrade: consulting and technical support related to the integration of the new systems, etc.

*It is noted that this action gives the possibility to choose the aid regimes: Regulations EU 651/2014 (GAK) or EU 1407/2013 (De Minimis)

The action has a total budget of €60,000,000, of which €13,200,000 will be allocated to the regions of Attica and the southern Aegean, while €46,800,000 will be allocated to the rest of the country's regions.

The investments should have a minimum grant amount of €200,001 and a maximum of €1,200,000 and the percentage of the aid can reach from 25% to 45%. The aid rates are determined by the size of the business and the region it belongs to.

Beneficiaries of Action 3 – Digital Transformation of Leading SMEs

Beneficiaries of the action are existing small and medium-sized enterprises that meet the following conditions:

  • They have closed at least 1 full management year and have been active in one of the eligible KAD (Activity Code Number) of the investment plan for at least 1 year.
  • The investment plan concerns exclusively the eligible KAD
  • They have a minimum of 9 EME dependent work during the calendar year preceding the submission of the funding application.
  • They have scored at least 70% on the digital maturity questionnaire
  • They have not started the implementation work of the investment plan before submitting the application for aid to the action.

The platform for the submission of applications for action 3, Digital Transformation of Leading SMEs opened on Thursday 23 February 2023 and the process is expected to remain open until the budget is exhausted.

See the announcement in detail here.

Action 3 Digital Transformation of Leading SMEs

Action 3 – Digital Transformation of Leading SMEs: Business subsidy from €200,001 up to €1,200,000

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