Grant program for young freelancers aged 30-45

With the aim of promoting new businesses, the new business initiative grant program of DYPA (formerly OAED) supports 3,220 young freelancers with an emphasis on those active in the digital economy sector.

The duration of the action is set at 12 months and concerns businesses that have been created since 01/01/2022 by former unemployed people aged 30-45 in the Less Developed Regions.

Submissions of applications

Start: Monday 31/10/2022 at 13:00
End: Friday 02/12/2022 at 15:00.

Participation conditions:

Potential beneficiaries should inter alia:

  1. They were unemployed registered in the OAED register until the date of the start of the business at the DOU.
  2. 30-45 years old (the age limit must be met on the previous date of starting activity at the DOU).
  3. They have started activity at the DOU after 01/01/2022 and necessarily before the date of submission of the funding application.


The duration of the grant is set at twelve (12) months. The period of 12 months applies from the date of commencement of business activity in the DOU.

Aid amount

The aid amount amounts to 14,800 euros, which will be paid to the companies in three installments as follows:

  • 1st installment of 4,000 euros, after the approval of the financing application
  • 2nd installment of 5,400 euros, after the end of the first semester from the start
  • 3rd installment of 5,400 euros, after the end of the second semester from the start

Business form under incorporation

Potential beneficiaries join the action either as
A) individual entrepreneurs, either as
B) members of legal entities, with one of the following legal forms:

i. General partnerships OE)
ii. General Partners of Limited Partnerships (LE)
iii. Limited Liability Company (LLC)
iv. Private Capital Company (P.E.C.)
v. Workers' cooperative of article 24 of Chapter E of Law 4430/2016 (A 32).

Title of the action: "Program to grant business initiatives to employ 3,220 young freelancers aged 30 to 45, in the Less Developed Regions (LDRs) and the Region of Western Macedonia, with an emphasis on the digital economy"

Aid regime: De minimis aid regulation 1407/2013

Intermediate Body: TWO

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