NotiFund License Agreement(s).

Each subscriber of this application is invited to carefully read the following terms of use of the application and the services provided arising from it. NotiFund, which provides the subscription service in question, and the subscriber who uses the specific service mutually agree to the following terms, which apply both to the whole and to individual parts of the service, and are as follows:


  • Minimum carrier questions
  • Additional questions
  • NotiFund carriers
  • Digital Eligibility
  • Cross-checking of supporting documents


Brief description of services provided

The NotiFund application will provide timely notification services for subsidies or for any other matter that is set to be monitored by entities for which each subscriber creates a subscription and that match the profile of the information they have registered in the system.

Minimal data

The minimum items (hereafter “Minimum Agency Questions”) are variable and affected by the agency being monitored. You will find the Minimum Carrier Questions in the application control panel, labeled “Minimum Carrier Questions”. The app does not initiate tracking on any carrier even if it has a valid subscription if the minimum details are not met. This means that it is not going to notify about financial opportunities if there is no "monitoring" status indicator (screenshot) in the operator's settings. In any other case, there will be the indication "awaiting minimum questions".

Carrier Status

  • pending minimal questions (Automatic selection
  • in monitoring

Indicatively, we mention that these elements may be

  • VAT number (unique/subscriber)
  • Email (unique/subscriber)
  • Tax address
  • Name of legal representative
  • Business Card
  • Contact telephone numbers

Supplementary Questions

After the start of monitoring and depending on the institution and the program, the subscriber will have to answer-enter additional information (hereinafter “Additional Questions”) so that the system can identify funding opportunities. Additional Questions are not mandatory like Minimum Carrier Questions and do not exclude the subscriber from receiving notifications about programs related to his basic profile. However, this will mean on the one hand that the subscriber will receive a lot of unnecessary notifications about plans for which he will not ultimately be a beneficiary, and on the other hand that the application will not be able to build his profile so that fewer questions are needed in subsequent plans. We recommend answering these questions so that the company receives the best possible information regarding it.

Program Statuses

  • pending minimum questions (set automatically by the app)
  • to complete an eligibility check (set automatically by the app)
  • confirmed eligibility (specified by the user only after confirmation by a specialist consultant or by NotiFund if it has undertaken the cross-checking of the data itself)

Correctness of data

The user is solely responsible for the correct entry of the data. The questions should be answered carefully and accurately, so that the user receives more valid information — wrong or false entries will lead to wrong results about the programs that the company is entitled to. Answers can be changed at any time, and this means that the program will be re-evaluated immediately. In this case, eligibility will be calculated based on the modified questions and the history of your previous answers will be lost. Attention there is no possibility to recover the previous answers.

Notification methods

Updates - notifications (hereinafter "notifunds") will be made via email (default method) and another medium, which the subscriber will choose from among: Viber, WhatsApp. 

A notifund counts as a shipment through any of the aforementioned methods. Email remains the primary form of communication, as it is the only communication element that is inextricably linked to a subscription. In more detail, while a user can use his mobile phone or Viber in more than one subscription, he can only use his email in one subscription. Therefore, it is not possible to unsubscribe from the email update list without stopping the notifunds sending service altogether. In every email that will be sent as notifund, there will be the option of unsubscribing through the application settings, but since the specific provision of the service concerns the sending of notifications, the unsubscribing itself immediately means the interruption of an important part of the service provided. In this case, the subscription continues to be valid and the subscriber will be able, by connecting to the application, to see the programs to which he is entitled without having the ability to receive total notifunds, thus removing an important part of the functionality. In any case, even if the notifications are stopped, it will be possible with re-consent to send notifunds to be reactivated by the subscriber at any time he wishes. 

NotiFund carriers

As a "NotiFund Body" we consider any entity that joins a monitoring system. An entity's legal or tax name does not affect its ranking in NotiFund's Monitoring Entities. Therefore, an institution may be a part of a larger institution, for example an OAED-DYPA program financed by the NSRF will count OAED-DYPA as an institution. For NotiFund the highest tracking rank is the “NotiFund Carrier” and this can be purchased as an additional subscription at any time from the day it is officially added to NotiFund's tracking carriers. In each NotiFund Organization, only the programs that it issues are monitored, regardless of whether it consists of individual departments that also issue those programs, or is itself an individual department of a larger organization. For example, a subscription that only covers the monitoring of the "Region" Entity, will not monitor the programs announced by the "Municipalities" Entity. New additional or independent assistance to the "Municipalities" Agency will be needed to monitor the programs in question. 

Active trackers

  • NSRF with start of monitoring from 23/9/2022 with the start of the beta version.

Eligibility rates

The percentage shown in each program is indicative and it has to do with answering questions. This means that a program that has a 90% rate, has 90% completed responses, which are also valid, and not that there is a 90% chance that the company is eligible for the program.

The maximum percentage that a program reaches is 100%, as long as all the questions have been answered and they meet the Digital Eligibility specifications (see no. 4 para. B). 

A program in which the subscriber is judged to have 100% Digital Eligibility means that they have answered 100% of the questions and that 100% of the answers are eligible. At the Digital Eligibility stage, the application has completed monitoring and now eligibility has to be confirmed by a specialist consultant or by the entrepreneur himself. Only then can it be considered that a program is available for submitting a proposal/application etc. This stage includes the physical verification of supporting documents and the cross-checking of data.

Cross-checking of supporting documents

The necessary verification of supporting documents can be done by:

  1. Specialist consultant-partner of the subscriber
  2. The entrepreneur himself (not recommended)
  3. NotiFund's specialized team

For cases 2.1 and 2.2, once the necessary verification of the supporting documents has been carried out, the user can click on the program menu option "Completed eligibility check/Eligibility crossed" and change the monitoring stage to "Confirmed eligibility". 

For case 2.3 where the cross-checking of the data is assigned to NotiFund's specialized team, the user selects "Check by NotiFund's specialized consulting team". The verification of supporting documents requires the sending of all necessary supporting documents and is subject to a charge proportional to the complexity of the program. You will be shown the amount and you will be able to purchase NotiFund's human verified eligibility check. 

If you proceed with the eligibility check from NotiFund (2.3) the “Data Crossed” option will no longer be available to you. Once the information is cross-referenced by the NotiFund team, the program will change stage automatically, and the subscriber will be informed via notifund and then via telephone that they are now 100% confirmed eligible or ineligible.

Special cases

There are some programs that may even after cross-checking require data that is not yet available (eg some financial data of a subsequent period) or there may be any special exception to eligibility due to a specific parameter of the program. In this case – and always after cross-checking with a specialist consultant – the program is not characterized by a Digital Eligibility percentage, but by a short program status title where the user can set manually (Custom Status) (e.g. “On hold” ) and a description of the situation for which there is not yet 100% eligibility. This is so that the application can rank the outstanding work and a full eligibility check can be carried out on all programs. In any case, there is always the option for the user (or the NotiFund team if assigned to cross-reference data) to manually set the program status (Program Custom Tag) through the program menu by selecting “Complete Eligibility Check/Manual definition of eligibility”.

Eligibility stages

The stages of a program in terms of eligibility are:

A) Digital pre-check with basic questions

The digital check which is done based on the basic questions answered in the monitoring registration of each institution (hereinafter "Digital Pre-check") is the stage in which the program starts monitoring and sends you additional questions to check 100% the Digital Eligibility.

B) Digital Eligibility with supplementary questions

By answering all the required supplementary questions, a program is characterized as "Digitally Eligible" means that it has passed all possible stages of control through the application and the control and cross-checking of the data by a qualified person remains to confirm 100% the eligibility of the business.

C) Cross-checking

At this stage, the crossing must be undertaken by a specialist partner of the subscriber, or the control must be delegated to the NotiFund team. This stage can only be initiated by actions of the subscriber.

D) Cross-check - pending modifications -

At this stage it has been cross-checked that there is potential eligibility in the program only if some accounting-tax modifications are made. For example, it may be necessary to remove a secondary KAD that blocks eligibility, to make a staff recruitment immediately to meet the number of people that the program requires, and generally any modification the program allows us to make afterwards in order to be eligible.


NotiFund hereby grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use, as expressly permitted by the applicable license and subject to the limitations described herein:

By the term "Non-transferable" it is expressly stated that you may not sell, rent, or use the information provided by NotiFund for the benefit of third parties outside of the TIN to which the license belongs. Any reproduction of the information to be provided by NotiFund without the prior written consent of NotiFund in any digital or printed medium is prohibited. The information is provided exclusively for the TIN and specifically the associated business with the license.

The informative and helpful videos to which you will have access as a subscriber are digitally and graphically stamped with origin and NotiFund retains the copyright, providing only the information for direct use by the subscriber. Any use where the source of the leaked material is identified will result in immediate termination of membership and NotiFund reserves the right to take legal action to claim lost profits or damage caused to it by the leaking of such material.


  1. Annual Fee means the amount that the Subscriber is required to pay in advance in return for the use of NotiFund's plans on an annual basis, the value of which is discounted.
  2. The user license concerns exclusively the owner of the A.F.M or the legal representative of the company. Use of multiple licenses or use of a license to monitor third parties may only be done with the written permission of NotiFund. A simple user license belongs to a unique account number and to a unique email. If a user wants more than one user license for the same ID or Email, they can contact [email protected]
  3. The definition of KAD is final upon registration in the application and cannot be modified. The maximum allowed number of KAD monitoring per company is 5, while there is the possibility of purchasing an additional 5 KAD on the 75% at the price that the simple license will have at that particular moment. For more than 10 VAT numbers you should contact NotiFund's sales department at [email protected]
  4. In the event of a wrong registration of the KAD, a request must be made through the application for the NotiFund team to correct it. 
  5. The change of KADs also involves actions on the part of NotiFund because our algorithms build the monitoring profile around the activity codes and when these change the data must be updated and transferred correctly within your account so that it continues to function properly and the application. In the event that you wish to replace the VAT, this is done by requesting an exception to this policy through the application and will be accompanied by the sending of the tax change. Each subscriber is entitled to one opt-out request per subscription year.


Beta is the early version of a software that contains most of the main features. In the case of NotiFund, the Beta does not include most of the main features, but everything that is announced on its website. The reason why this particular group of pre-registrants with the 50% discount and 2-year price commitment is chosen to use the NotiFund Beta is that we want to exhaust as much testing as possible to be absolutely sure that the application works perfectly before the version 1.0 and the many programs we expect for the NSRF 2021-2027. This means that potential problems that users report to us or that we detect through tests will be dealt with, while at the same time those users who wish will have the opportunity to suggest functions that they would like to see implemented in future versions. Regarding the issue of subsidy updates, beta testing does not mean for pre-registered users that they will lose quality in tracking since there will be a whole team constantly cross-checking the effectiveness of the algorithms. At the same time, for their participation, users get a 50% discount for a 2-year price commitment.

The Beta Version of the application though provides 100% of the services and also means starting the subscription. There is live support for reporting problems and for suggestions for improvements to the application.

NotiFund reserves the right to unilaterally terminate a subscription without notice and without reason for termination by refunding 100% of the funds paid by the user and not yet used (offsetting and issuing credit invoices). The calculation method is as follows:

Number of subscription days/Amount paid=Cost/subscription day

Balance of subscription days*Cost/subscription day=offset amount


The collection of some personal as well as professional data is necessary for the very provision of the service provided by the NotiFund application and for the connection of a subsidized program and a subscriber. NotiFund has taken care by following all necessary procedures to ensure the proper management of your personal data. You can see more about the GDPR on the page




After the end of the subscription plan, it will be automatically renewed with the same terms that were accepted with the initial purchase or after an upgrade of the terms made through the use of the application itself. The subscriber expressly grants NotiFund the right to charge automatically for each renewal if he does not cancel his subscription in time. Subscriber may terminate their subscription at any time and will continue to have full access to the application services for the remainder of their subscription period. In this case he will receive timely notices of termination of the service so that, if he wishes, he can renew his subscription.

Pre-registration renewals

Pre-registration subscribers retain the right to renew their subscription for a second year at the preferential price of €120+VAT regardless of the pricing policy that will apply at that time. The preferential price is only valid with early renewal and continuous subscription for a second year. If there is an interruption of the subscription and they then renew, they will be included in the pricing policy of the period they will renew.



  1. Despite the strong monitoring mechanism and the specialized team that has been set up and will be continuously upgraded, the NotiFund app service functions as an auxiliary notification tool and it is recommended to always use it in conjunction with specialized people who specifically monitor each business for potential grant opportunities and not as the main and only means of providing information or a specialized and comprehensive advisory service. It cannot substitute and cover in 100% the services of a professional exclusively employed by a business and therefore NotiFund is not responsible for any failure to update, or loss of a program that suits subscribers. 
  2. Also, NotiFund is not responsible for any loss of subsidy resulting from lost mail (spam), entry of incorrect information by the subscriber, or any other issue resulting from the error of a third party (malfunction of WhatsApp, Viber or your mobile provider's services). . In short, there can be no guarantee that the notice will be delivered by the company. Despite this, a delivery control mechanism has been created with which a group of people constantly cross-checks the data and in case there are indications of non-delivery there is a chance to notify the entrepreneur on the contact numbers provided, in order to cross-check whether the indications are valid.



NotiFund reserves the right to change the prices, services provided and terms of use of its service at any time. Regarding the terms of use, there will always be an update for acceptance with each renewal, through the application itself. 

In the event of a change in pricing policy, existing subscribers will be notified prior to renewing their subscription, which will not be done without their acceptance of the new policy. 

Except as required by law, NotiFund shall have no obligation to issue a refund under any circumstances. All monies are non-refundable even if the subscription is terminated before its expiry. In the event that NotiFund confirms that a right to a refund arises, the refund will be made using the payment method originally used for the purchase. The subscriber has the right to cancel his subscription within fourteen (14) days from the payment of its price. To cancel the subscriber account, please contact Customer Service at 2102205160.

In case of violation of any of the terms herein, NotiFund has the right to terminate the subscription without notice. In the event that termination is due to a breach, NotiFund is not obligated to refund.

The terms of use are updated periodically and with each new feature added to the NotiFund services. They also maintain “Version” (numbered versions), and for each new Version it is required to be accepted by the subscriber through the application, so that it can continue its uninterrupted operation


The terms of this contract are governed by Greek Law. Any dispute arising between NotiFund and the Subscriber, as long as it is not resolved by amicable settlement, will be resolved exclusively by the competent Courts of Athens. 

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