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Business subsidy program for the recruitment of 9,200 unemployed by the OAED

The program of DYPA (formerly OAED) "Labor market reintegration check" is still in force with the aim of reintegrating 9,200 unemployed people into the labor market. It is noted that the said program first came into force in September 2020, but was extended since there are still vacancies. The program is aimed both at businesses that wish to hire staff with a subsidized portion of the salary as well as unemployed people registered in the DYPA registers.

Program beneficiaries

Beneficiaries are all companies and employers in the private sector who have not reduced their staff in the 3 months prior to the application and have not received funding from a state aid of more than €200,000 during the previous 3 years (current and 2 previous).

Program beneficiaries

The program aims at the professional reintegration of the unemployed who receive an approved unemployment benefit for a period of at least 5 months and who lack 50% or more of their regular subsidy on the date the program is indicated, as well as long-term unemployed people who lack at least 1 day of their subsidy on date of their employment, regardless of their age and educational level.

Program duration and grant amount

The program has a duration of 12 months and the amount of the monthly wage subsidy and social security contributions amounts to 80% of the salary and social security contributions up to €830 per month (ie, gross salary). The grant also includes the respective Christmas and Easter gifts and leave allowance (ie, the total remuneration).

NotiFund is made up of a team of specialist consultants in matters of financial programs. Contact us to find out more about the conditions for the inclusion of businesses in the OAED's subsidized work program for the unemployed and to make your application. 


Business subsidy program for the recruitment of 9,200 unemployed by the OAED

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