Vouchers from €900 to €18,000 have been issued


Digital Transactions Program – Vouchers for upgrading invoicing, tax documents and e-payments – Application deadline: 14/09/2022*

The Digital Transactions program supports small and medium-sized businesses throughout Greece with the aim of adopting modern digital tools that support the processes of invoicing, issuing, processing tax documents and making electronic payments. Funding is done through a system of checks (vouchers).


Businesses eligible for funding must have been founded/incorporated before 01.01.2022 and have one of the following legal forms: S.A., E.P.E., O.E. or Et.E., I.K.E. , Social Cooperative Enterprise, Cooperative or Sole Proprietorship. In addition:

  • Have an eligible KAD
  • In the year 2021 they employed staff from 0.01 to 250.00 EMU
  • That they are not in bankruptcy, liquidation or forced administration and that no state aid recovery procedure is pending against them.
  • Have not received aid (De Minimis) exceeding €200,000 or €100,000 for the road freight sector on behalf of third parties for the current year and the two previous years
  • That they have not been fined for labor law violations (high seriousness, undeclared work)


Businesses can choose support for one or more of the following Activity Categories:

  • Category 1: Replacement EFT/POS – Voucher €150.00 (100% aid)
  • Category 2: Invoicing on the car/handling documents on the move – Voucher €1,125.00 for each vehicle (90% aid)
  • Category 3: Receiving electronic invoicing provider services – Voucher €300.00 (100% aid)
  • Category 4: VAT & ADIME upgrade for EFT/POS interface – Voucher €112.50 for each declared VAT (90% aid)
  • Category 5: Replacement of EAFDSSS – Voucher €350.00 for each declared EAFDSSS to be replaced (100% aid)
  • Category 6: Replacement of old-spec FIM – Voucher €150.00 for each declared FIM to be replaced (100% aid)


Beneficiaries can procure the services and products from the suppliers they wish as long as the latter have submitted an application to participate in the program and have been approved.

*Application deadline:

For Categories 1, 2 and 3: 14/09/2022

For Categories 4, 5 and 6: 05/10/2022 – 15/12/2022

Total budget: 162.440.000,00 €


Action Title: 16706 – Digital Transformation of SMEs

Business Sizes: SMEs, as defined by the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Definition

Aid scheme: De minimis REGULATION (EU) no. 1407/2013

Operator: "U.A.E. Information Society." – Directorate of State Aid Actions (www.ktpae.gr)

Submissions Support Phone: 2107001420

Submit applications: Online submission of applications to the Electronic Grants Management Platform (EGP) https://beneficiary.digitalsme.gov.gr

Links: https://greece20.gov.gr/?calls=programma-psifiakes-synallages

psifiakes sunalages

Digital Transactions Program – Vouchers for upgrading invoicing, tax documents and e-payments – Application deadline: 14/09/2022*

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