Vouchers from €900 to €18,000 have been issued


Advanced SME Digital Transformation – Action 2. Business subsidy from €50,000 – €650,000

The process of submitting applications for the three "Digital Transformation of SMEs" actions aimed at financial support and the digital upgrade of small and medium enterprises has begun.

The second action, Advanced Digital Transformation of SMEs, grants investment projects with a budget from €50,000 to €650,000.

Eligible Expenses

Indicatively, the grant covers costs for:

– Purchase of equipment: systems for operating facilities/personnel, upgrading internal data transfer networks, robotic systems, etc.
– Purchase of modern technological equipment and digital systems: mechanical equipment, security systems, etc.
– Software purchase: administrative and financial planning applications, digital security, customer and supply chain management programs, data analysis, etc.
– Provision of services related to the digital upgrade: technical support regarding the new systems that will be integrated into the business, etc.

It is noted that the action in question concerns an aid scheme: EU Regulations 651/2014 (GAK)
and should be of the nature of an initial investment and meet one of the following forms:

  • Creation of a new business establishment.
  • Expansion of the capacity of an existing unit. The additional capacity of the plant due to the investment plan can only be accepted if the existing capacity of the plant can be certified by official documentation.
  • Diversification of a unit's output into products or services that have never been produced in it.
  • Fundamental change of the entire production process of an existing unit.


The action's budget is set at €150,000,000, with €33,000,000 being allocated to the regions of Attica and the southern Aegean, while the greater part, €117,000,000, will be given to the less developed regions of the northern Aegean, central Macedonia, Thessaly, Crete and all the other regions of the territory.

The minimum amount of investment project financing is set at €50,000 and the maximum at €650,000, while the percentage of aid ranges from 25% to 50% and depends on the size of the business, the region and the eligible costs.


Action 2 – Advanced Digital Transformation
Beneficiaries are all existing ones very small, small and medium businesses which:

– They have closed 1 full management year (12 months of operation)
– They are active in one of the eligible KAD (Activity Code Number) of the investment plan for at least 1 year.
– They make an investment that relates exclusively to an eligible KAD
– Have five (5) or more EME dependent work during the calendar year preceding the submission of the funding application.
– They have not started work on the investment plan before submitting the application to the action.
– They have secured at least 25% of the private participation of the investment project.
– They accumulate at least 80% score on the digital maturity questionnaire.
– They have registered at Registers of Beneficial Beneficiaries before the date of submission of the application

Applications for Action 2 – Advanced Digital Transformation are open from Thursday 23 February 2023 and will remain open until the budget is exhausted.

See the announcement in detail here.


Advanced SME Digital Transformation – Action 2. Business subsidy from €50,000 – €650,000

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