Vouchers from €900 to €18,000 have been issued


Digital Transformation Voucher

The news is good from the front of the digital transformation of the businesses of Greece 2.0, as the issuance of Digital Transformation Voucher checks to the beneficiaries of Category 1 of Program I "Digital Media Tools" has gradually begun.

It is clarified that the ability to issue checks does not have to be done immediately. Making purchases of digital products and services using the vouchers for Category 1 beneficiaries can be done until Friday, March 31, 2023.

As a good practice for the use of the voucher, it is suggested that beneficiaries issue their checks after they have selected a product/service and know the pricing and grant value (per invoice).

Beneficiaries can issue one or more checks, with a cumulative value up to the total approved amount of their support.

Important information about the Digital Transformation Voucher

The check issued can be used to cover the amount of the grant that is attributable to an invoice. The remaining amount of the invoice is paid by the beneficiary.

The final grant amount is subject to a number of restrictions and rules. Specifically, it depends on the value of the product, the maximum acceptable unit price, the number of licenses/products to which the beneficiary is entitled, etc.

This requires caution, as any excess or limitation may result in a reduction of the final grant amount. Thus, it is possible that when using a check an amount lower than the face value of the check is cashed. If this happens, then the final amount (face value minus the final redemption amount) is non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be applied to another check or payout.

So that a significant amount of the subsidy does not go unutilized, it is important to issue checks with the correct value. In order to correctly calculate the nominal value of a check, the beneficiary should first get a quote from a certified supplier and know the amount of the grant that corresponds to the specific purchase/invoicing.

What you need to know about the Digital Transformation Voucher check

The process of subsidizing the eligible products/services is done through the digital platform with the help of the so-called digital check. The check corresponds to a unique code (Coupon Code), which is also its identifier.

The check has a specific value in euros, which was set when it was issued. This value represents the public funding that will pay a part of a specific sales/service invoice.

The check belongs to a specific beneficiary (very small, small or medium-sized enterprise) and always refers to a specific funding application (in the context of which it was issued). It can therefore be used to pay invoices with eligible products that are compatible with the specific application category.

A check can only be used once to pay an invoice. However, one or more checks can be used in an invoice.

What does his check include? Digital Transformation Voucher

The most basic information contained in a check is the following:


      • Business details: Includes the beneficiary's name, VAT number, VAT number, registered office address and the beneficiary's confirmed mobile phone and email.

      • Aid variables: They include the number of Annual Work Units (AMU), the number of registered commercial vehicles, the number of declared Tax Mechanisms (FIM, EAFDSS, etc.).

      • Subsidy Details: Refers to the nominal value of the specific check (and the maximum amount that the check can subsidize), the percentage/intensity of aid that must be taken into account when redeeming, as well as the total grant provided for in the relevant funding application from the which the check was issued.

      • Sales cycle data: Refers to a) the check's "life cycle" step, i.e. whether it is available, held or cashed and b) its status, i.e. whether the check is active or inactive.

    How is the process of issuing by the beneficiary

    To issue the vouchers, the beneficiary should log in to their account (on the Online Funding Application Platform) and select the “Issue & Manage Checks” field, carefully following the on-screen instructions.

    By selecting an approved application, the beneficiary can:


        • to see the total amount of the grant that has been approved (for that particular application), as well as the balance that has not yet been used by issuing checks.

        • to request the issuance of a new check of a specific nominal value, provided that in each request the declared value cannot exceed the current balance (amount available to issue checks).

        • to see all current (pending) check requests, which are displayed in a related list.

        • to see all the checks with their basic details. Selecting a check displays more information about its status and how to cash or cancel it.

      It is noted that during the first days of check issuance (January 30 – February 2, 2023), there may be a time delay in processing the request and issuing the check. 

      In any case, the beneficiary should consult his supplier before issuing the check.

      Digital Transformation Voucher

      Digital Transformation Voucher

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